Payment Forms Accepted

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Apple Pay and American Express

​Group Rates (15 people or more)

Basic: $13 per person. Includes 1 free fish and 1 entrance.

Plus: $16.00 per person. Includes 1 free fish, 1 entrance, and 1 container of worms.

Deluxe: $25.00 per person. Includes 1  free fish, 1 entrance, 1 container of  worms, and 1 pole rental. 

  Pole rentals   $10.60 (no time limit)

  Ice                   $3.00 per bag

  Worms            $3.50 per container

Trout Fishing Pond

123 Hatchery Dr. Cresco, PA 18326


Closed for the season. Thanks for a great 2018!

Fish Stories

Law of the Land

No throwing fish back
No stringers
No pets 
No entering water
No barbecuing 
Gutting station closes 1/2 prior to closing

Paradise Fishing Preserve

Fish Prices
  Trout    $7.50 / LB

  Bass  $10.75 / LB

 Entrance Fees
  Adults    $3.00 per person

  Seniors  $2.50 per senior

  Children 12 & under - FREE

Fish Cleaning
  Gutting   .25 per fish

  Filleting   .50 per fish

What We Offer

Two Ponds - One stocked with our own trout, the other with bass

Fish Cleaning - Filleted or Gutted

Picnic Tables, Snacks and Refreshments

Everything you need to reel em' in: Pole rental, worms, hooks, and buckets