Law of the Land

No throwing fish back
No stringers
No pets 
No entering water
No barbecuing 
Gutting station closes 1/2 prior to closing

What We Offer

Two Ponds - One stocked with our own trout, the other with bass

Fish Cleaning - Filleted or Gutted

Picnic Tables, Snacks and Refreshments

Everything you need to reel em' in: Pole rental, worms, hooks, and buckets

Trout Fishing Pond

Payment Forms Accepted

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Apple Pay and American Express

Fish Stories

123 Hatchery Dr. Cresco, PA 18326


Open Monday - Friday  8 am - 5 pm

Saturday - Sunday  8 am - 7 pm

Fish Prices
  Trout    $7.50 / LB

  Bass  $10.75 / LB

 Entrance Fees
  Adults    $3.00 per person

  Seniors  $2.50 per senior

  Children 12 & under - FREE

Fish Cleaning
  Gutting   .25 per fish

  Filleting   .50 per fish

Paradise Fishing Preserve

​Group Rates (15 people or more)

Basic: $13 per person. Includes 1 free fish and 1 entrance.

Plus: $16.00 per person. Includes 1 free fish, 1 entrance, and 1 container of worms.

Deluxe: $25.00 per person. Includes 1  free fish, 1 entrance, 1 container of  worms, and 1 pole rental. 

  Pole rentals   $10.60 (no time limit)

  Ice                   $3.00 per bag

  Worms            $3.50 per container